Student Policies

Central College Philosophical Statements

Mission Statement

Welcome Statement: Notice Of Nondiscrimination

Integrated Learning

Respectful Dialogue

Guidelines And Suggestions

College Management Responsibility

Campus Policy

Abusive Affiliation (Hazing)

Athletic Training Room

College Initiated Withdrawal For Disruptive Behavior

Crime Awareness And Student Safety Act Annual Report

Central College Campus And Community Resources For Students And Employees

Being Safe At Central

Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act (CSPA)

Missing Student Notification Policy

Law Enforcement

Building Access

Campus Emergencies

Emergency Response Procedure

Reported Incidents, Arrests And Violations

Reported Incidents


Reportable Incidents, Including Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Offenses

Reportable Arrests

Disciplinary Referrals

Hate Crime

Location Definitions

Central College Reported Occurrence Data

Hate Crimes

Fire And Life Safety Annual Report

In Case Of Fire

Fire Safety-related Definitions

Staff And Student Training

Fire Policies

Central College Fire And Safety Equipment By Residence Facility

Central College Fire Data

Alcohol And Drug Policy

Rationale: Drug Policy

Rationale: Alcohol Policy

“Beer Pong” Tables

Effects Of Alcohol, Educational Information

Effects Of Drug Use: Educational Information

Pella City Ordinances, Iowa State And Federal Laws

Recommended Sanctions For Alcohol Policy Violations

Recommended Sanctions For Drug Policy Violations

Equal Opportunity, Harassment And Nondiscrimination Policy

Fire Safety

Gambling Policy

Guest Speaker Policy


Safeguarding The Personal Rights Of Individuals With HIV/AIDS

Information Technology Policies

Parking And Vehicle Policies

Political Campaign Policy

Publicity And Advertising Policy

Residency Requirement

Service Animals

Smoking, Vaping, And Tobacco Use

Student Athlete Central College NCAA Sexual Violence Policy

Student Athlete Sportsmanship Statement-American Rivers Conference

Weapons, Fire Arms, And Dangerous Objects

Student Conduct

Introduction, Responsibility, Complaint, Definitions

Student Expectations






Conduct Process

Filing A Complaint

Notice, Pre-hearing, And Hearing Processes

Student Rights And Responsibilities Within The Conduct Process

Accelerated Timeline

Hearing Procedures




Record Keeping

Student Conduct Provisions

Attempted Violations

College As Complainant

Defense Vs Excuse

False Reporting

Good Samaritan Rule

Group Violations

Immunity For Victims

Interim Suspension

Notification Of Outcomes

Parental Notification

Violations Of Law

Residence Life Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

Philosophy And Mission

Residence Life Policies Consolidated Links

Additional Policies


Break Period Housing

Check-in And Check-out


Emotional Support Animal Policy And Procedure

Fire Safety In Residential Units

Furnishings And Furniture

Guest Policy

Personal Property On Campus

Pet Policy

Quiet And Courtesy Hours

Residency Requirement

Room Care, Repairs, And Damage Assessment

Room Entry

Room Changes

Room Cleaning

Room Responsibility

Sporting Items And/or Activities

Visitation Policy


Academics Home Page

Academic Catalog

Academic Calendar

Registrar’s Office

Tutoring And Writing Center

Campus Life

Campus Lingo

Service And Emotional Support Animals

Campus Events Calendar

Athletic Facilities

Campus Communication

Campus Services Information


Elections And Voting: State And Federal

Emergency Information

Student Procedures When Building Alarm Sounds

City Of Pella Tornado Warning Siren System

Central’s Emergency Notification System

Inclement Weather

Entertainment, Student Activities And Organizations

Exercise Opportunities

Finances And Money

Housing / Residence Halls/Residence Life


Identification (ID) Cards

Music Opportunities

Safety: Keeping Yourself And The Community Safe



Fight Song

Alternate Fight Song

Student Employment

Student Senate

Theatre Opportunities

Health And Wellness: Information And Resources

Health Care And Hospitalization

Health Insurance

Meningitis Information

Sharps Disposal Container Locations

Student Medical Absence From Class

Vaccinations And Immunizations

Campus Offices



Campus Ministries

Campus Ministries Opportunities

Career And Professional Development

Center For Community Based Learning

Counseling Center

Dining Services

Disability Services

Financial Aid

Financial Aid And Student Employment

Information Technology (IT) And Computer Help Center

Registrar’s Office

Study Abroad (Center For Global Experiential Learning)

Student Leadership, Involvement, And Inclusivity

Student Safety

Student Development

Vice President For Student Involvement/dean Of Students

Student Support Services

Tutoring And Writing Center

Who To See, Where To Go


Central College Campus And Community Resources For Students And Employees

Governmental Information

Marion County

Pella Churches

Pella City And Surrounding Area