Staff And Student Training

Each fall safety staff as well as residence hall staff, professional and paraprofessional, are provided training that enables them to prevent, escape, report, and/or handle fire emergencies occurring within the residence facilities. Training consists of fire alarm systems, evacuation procedures, extinguisher locations, types of extinguishers, hands-on experience with portable extinguishers. 

Fire safety training is conducted in on-campus residence halls and facilities during the first weeks of each semester by residence life staff members. This training covers the following policies and procedures:

  • Required fire safety drills for all residence facilities (halls and townhouses).
  • Residence life staff responsibilities.
  • Resident student responsibilities
  • Student conduct sanctions for not evacuating
  • Fire extinguisher location
  • Fire incident reporting
  • General fire safety
  • Fire alarm and sprinkler policy
  • Fire evacuation assembly area