Guest Speaker Policy

It is the policy of the campus to foster a spirit of free inquiry and to encourage the timely discussion of the broad range of issues which concern our nation, provided that the views expressed are stated openly and are subject to critical evaluation. Within our prevailing standards of decency and honesty, this policy will be construed to mean that no topic is too controversial for intelligent discussion on the campus. Restraints on free inquiry should be held to that minimum which is consistent with preserving an organized society in which change is accomplished by peaceful democratic means.

After consulting with and prior approval of its faculty advisor, then, a registered student organization may invite guest speakers to the campus to address meetings subject to the following provisions:

a.    Sponsorship must be by a registered student organization.

b.    Proper arrangements for the use of college facilities must be made.

c.    It must be clear that the student organization, not the college, is extending the invitation and that any views the speaker may express are his or her own and not those of the college.

d.    The student organization must take whatever steps are necessary to insure that the meeting is conducted in an orderly manner.

e.     The student organization must provide means for critical evaluation of the speaker’s view, which must include as a minimum, an open question period following the speaker’s presentation.

f.     The student organization must comply with any and all conditions for the orderly and scholarly conduct of the meeting.

A speaker invited by a student organization must not advocate action or urge the audience to take action which is illegal under the laws of the United States, the state of Iowa, or which is prohibited by the rules of the College or the Student Code of Conduct. It is the responsibility of the student organization to inform speakers in writing of this prohibition.

The maximum penalties to be assessed against a student organization for a failure to observe the provisions of this policy or for sponsoring a speaker who violates the prohibition(s) of this rule will be (a) for a single violation (including, as a single violation, multiple violations relating to the same meeting) in any academic year, suspension of the right of the student organization to invite a guest speaker to the campus for a twelve month period and (b) for more than one violation in any academic year, termination of the student organization’s recognized status.  Students who act in violation of the provisions of this rule either as individuals or as members of recognized student organizations will be subject to Conduct procedures and actions as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.  Faculty and others entitled to sponsor a meeting involving the use of college facilities will observe this rule.