Building Access

It is essential for the safety of students and others that students comply with safety regulations in college residence halls and houses.  Student Safety – under the supervision of one of the assistant deans of students – assumes primary responsibility for locking and unlocking academic and administrative buildings. Responsibility for individual building lockup/unlock may be delegated to other offices or individuals on campus.

All student housing buildings are locked 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  Access is provided through an electronic proximity card reader system.  Each student’s ID is a proximity access card.  Individual student bedrooms have a lock which provides student control by key.  Each resident of the living unit is given a key and proximity card for appropriate doors.  Keys and proximity cards for student living units are issued by residence life or student development office staff. Residence life or student development staff should be informed if a key or proximity card is lost.

Students locked out of their rooms may request a member of the residence life staff or student safety staff to unlock their doors. Students must first be identified or present identification before doors to their room will be unlocked.  Mechanical problems with locks, doors or other safety or fire equipment should be reported to residence life staff, student safety and/or the facilities planning and management office immediately.

Academic and administrative building keys are managed and issued by the facilities planning and management office. Lost keys should be reported to the facilities planning and management office so that locks can be replaced whenever safety and security are jeopardized.