Health Care And Hospitalization

Student Health Care

The Pella Regional Health Center (PRHC) provides care to Central College students. These services are confidential. PRHC personnel also provide referrals to appropriate specialists as necessary.  Questions about services provided or to schedule an appointment, please call the Pella Regional Health Center clinic at 641-621-2200.  This is answered 24 hours per day by a nurse.  Appointments are preferred; however, emergencies or urgent problems can be managed through the PRHC emergency room which provides urgent care during specified hours or emergency services at all times.  Students are encouraged to remember to take a personal health insurance card with them to PRHC.

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Students with chronic medical issues that may require treatment during their college career may wish to set up their Pella Regional Health Center account and electronically transfer medical records from their home physician to one in Pella.  Please contact the Pella Regional Health Center for assistance at 641-621-2200.


 Students that need special, emergency, or longer term care are, generally, admitted to the Pella Regional Health Center.  

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