Room Care, Repairs, And Damage Assessment

Caring for the room and building entrusted to them is a concern for all residents.  Therefore, the following guidelines have been established.

  • Contact the facilities planning and management department for any repairs or when any damage of the residential unit or its contents occurs.  If repairs are made necessary by act or neglect, the college will make the repairs with the expense passed on to the student.
  • Residents agree to pay the college for any damages, lost property, fire damage, or service costs other than normal wear caused by the resident through accident, neglect, or intent. 
  • Permanent furniture may not be moved or dismantled. 
  • Rooms may not be painted. 
  • Care should be taken when decorating the rooms that holes are not put into walls and that tape does not cause damage to the paint.  Residents must not attach any object with nails or fasteners.
  • Charges for excessive cleaning, removal of personal property and loss or damage caused by residents are billed directly to the resident(s) responsible. 
  • When more than one resident occupies the same room/ pod/house, and responsibility for damage or loss cannot be ascertained by the college, the cost of the damage or loss will be divided and assessed equally between or among the residents. 
  • In cases of loss, damage, or service costs to common areas of the building, defined as being those areas not assigned to an individual, the cost of repair, replacement, and/or service will be divided and assessed equally among residents. 
  • Final inspections and assessments for damages are completed by a College inspection team after the resident(s) vacates the room, pod, or house.  Resident Advisors do not assess damage charges.