The dean of students or designee may refer a complaint of violation of the Student Code of Conduct to either an administrative hearing or the College Hearing and Review Board (CHRB). The CHRB is a body of students, faculty and staff who are responsible for assisting in the interpretation and implementation of The Student Code of Conduct and conduct process. Members are responsible for ensuring that students receive the procedural fairness rights granted them. These rights are detailed at https://policy.central.edu/policies/policy/289/ . All procedures applicable to CHRB hearings are also applicable to administrative hearings. Administrative hearings may be used for minor offenses, sensitive matters, time-critical issues, or when the CHRB is not in session or cannot be convened.

Complaints heard in an administrative hearing will follow the judicial process and procedures outlined in the Conduct (Judicial) Process.

An appeal of the results of an administrative hearing may be referred to the College Hearing and Review Board (CHRB).  An appeal of the results of a CHRB hearing may be referred to the College Review Panel (CRP).

Hearing Guidelines

The dean of students or designee will be responsible for assembling the College Hearing and Review Board (CHRB) and the College Review Panel (CRP) according to the following guidelines:

The CHRB will consist of student, faculty, and administrator members.

The administrator will serve as the chair at each hearing unless another CHRB member is otherwise appointed by the dean of students or designee.

Student members will be selected by the dean of students or designee and will be in good standing with the College. Good standing both academically (defined as a semester GPA of at least 2.5) and behaviorally (defined as having no record of misconduct according to the Student Code of Conduct) in the semesters immediately before and during which they serve is required, though a history of misconduct or one serious incident could disqualify a student from service.  Violation of college policy occurring while the student is on CHRB or CRP is grounds for dismissal from either Hearing Body (CHRB or CRP) at the discretion of the dean of students.

Academic Affairs will appoint three faculty members for the CHRB.  The dean of students or designee will contact the vice president for academic affairs/dean of faculty annually in the fall to confirm who will serve that year.

The dean of students or designee will recruit CHRB administrator members from various campus offices.

The CRP consists of three members: a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), the president of the student senate and a member of the faculty or administrative staff.   In the event that the president of the student senate is ineligible or unable to serve on the CRP, the dean of students will name a replacement representative.

The non-voting conduct advisor to the CHRB is the dean of students or designee, with responsibility for training the CHRB, holding CHRB representatives accountable for decisions made by the CHRB, and ensuring a fair process for the complainant(s) and the respondent.

Accelerated Hearing Timeline

During the last 2 weeks of the academic year (late April or May), the conduct process and sanctioning process is accelerated. Students will be informed of the accelerated process via email in the spring.