Identification (ID) Cards

All full-time students are entitled to a photo I.D. card. This card is used for identification purposes as well as a pass to many college activities and events. This card is nontransferable. Married students are entitled to an I.D. pass for themselves and their spouse. These are secured through the Facilities Planning & Management office. Replacement I.D. cards may also be secured through the Facilities office. Replacement cost is $25.

To prolong the life of your card, do NOT do the following:

  • Do not expose to direct sunlight (for example, on the dash of a car)
  • Do not expose to extreme heat or open flame (for example, clothes dryer) 
  • Do not machine wash
  • Do not crimp, bend, twist or bite the card
  • Do not re-laminate
  • Do not immerse in alcohol, Isopropyl, ethanol, methyl, etc.
  • Do not use it as a tool (i.e. to scrape ice from car windshield)
  • Do not pound with a pen or tool
  • Do not punch a hole in your card

With the expansion of the college’s safety system to include proximity electronic/keyless entry, all members of the Central College community should be aware of several important items. 

The access control ID cards will allow individuals with access permission to place the card within a few inches proximity to the card reader to activate the unlocking mechanism. If a card is inoperable or malfunctioning, contact the Security Office as soon as possible. Once the card has been “read”, the employee’s/student’s information will be maintained in a database, to include which door was activated and the date/time of entry.   All card readers are individually programmed to permit entrance only by the use of authorized access cards.

Your ID card is for your use only. Never loan your card to another individual. To protect cardholders, the College staff may examine ID cards when presented for goods or services to confirm the card is being used by the person to whom it was issued.  You will be responsible for any activities, services, privileges, or sale transactions occurring using your card if it was loaned or given to another person.
Treat your ID card as you would a driver’s license. If your card is lost or stolen, report the loss immediately to the Security Office (ext. 5291). Tampering with an ID card magnetic stripe, barcode, proximity mechanism, a card reader, or any related equipment may subject the cardholder to disciplinary action or criminal charges. If you witness misuse of a card or card reader, please call Campus Security (ext. 5291).

Disclaimer: Use of the proximity system may create a log of entrance accesses to a particular door or facility.  The ability to routinely monitor and review these logs is limited to administrators in Safety and Security, IT Services, and Student Development, predominantly for the purpose of maintenance of the system and key card accountability.  While generally the information will only be used in case of emergencies and security issues (example — locating a lost or missing student, tampering with the system, damaging the system, or investigating a crime), this data may be released to the Police Department or other law enforcement agencies, emergency response agencies and campus offices to further the security of the institution. While the purpose for the accumulation of entrance access data is not to formulate the basis for employment decisions, individual employees should not maintain an expectation of privacy as to such data.