Elections And Voting: State And Federal

Voter Registration Information

Registering to vote is the first step in this important election process.  The first step in the registration process is deciding where to register and how to participate in the election process: Central College residence, “home” county in Iowa, or home state (if not from Iowa). There are several ways to get registered to vote.  Also, students will need to decide whether to vote in Pella, request an absentee ballot, or travel home to vote.


The Secretary of State’s website (click here) provides lots of important information on voting including whether you are currently registered to vote and in which Iowa county.  Students may register electronically through this website.  It, also, links to the voter registration and absentee ballot request paper forms.  Complete the forms and mail them in to the appropriate county auditor’s office.

In past election cycles Central College’s Maytag Center has served as a satellite polling site for Marion County.  Students, staff, and faculty registered and/or voted (through an absentee ballot system) in the Maytag Center.  When registering, students will select from the following four choices:

  1. To register to vote in Marion County with the intent to go to the polls on election day. 
    Students use 812 University Campus Box ____ , Pella Iowa as the home address.
  2. To register to vote in Marion County and complete an absentee ballot which will be opened on election day at the County Auditor’s Office.  Students use 812 University Campus Box ____ , Pella Iowa as the home address.
  3. To register to vote in Marion County AND request an absentee ballot be sent to an on-campus address to be completed later.  Students use 812 University Campus Box ____ , Pella Iowa as your home address.
  4. To register to vote in a student’s “home” county in Iowa…students send the information directly to the “home” county auditor.  Students use their parents’ or permanent home address as the home address.  This means the student would travel to his/her home election pollin site on election day or request an absentee ballot from the “home” county.  


Non-Iowa students wishing to participate in the General Election in their home state must register in their home state and either request an absentee ballot or travel to your home state on election day.  Generally speaking the Secretary of State website in your home state can provide needed direction.

Non-Iowa students wishing to participate in the General Election IN PELLA must register within the state of Iowa in Marion County.  Please refer to the items for Iowa Residents if you wish to vote here.



EDR rules apply for any/all voter registrations after the pre-registration deadline.  Election Day Registration for Central College students is virtually not possible if you wish to vote in Pella and are not from town.  The government documentation required generally does not have a Pella address.

Therefore, registering prior to the pre-registration deadline is the best option for Central College Students as same day registration/voting is generally not possible for students living on campus who are not from Pella.