City Of Pella Tornado Warning Siren System

City of Pella Tornado Warning Siren System:

  • The first tone activated is a continuous, steady siren, which during an actual warning indicates that Marion County, including the Pella area, has been placed under a tornado warning according to the National Weather Service.  In the event of an actual warning, the public address is only activated if a tornado has been sighted and citizens are then instructed of the sighting and told to take immediate shelter.
  • The second tone is a pulsating air horn tone (all clear) which is sounded after notification from the National Weather Service that the severe weather is no longer a threat to our community.  It can be several minutes until the all clear is declared following an actual warning being issued.
  • In the past there has been some confusion deciphering the fire siren and tornado siren.  The siren activated in conjunction with a fire is a wail siren versus the several minute duration of the tornado alert siren.

The community is reminded that this is an “outdoor” system and the intent is to notify citizens outside their houses of severe weather.  Audible testing is conducted the first Saturday of each month from March to October and silent testing is done during the winter months; however the integrity of the system is the responsibility of the entire community.

Inquiries of concerns regarding the outdoor warning systems should be directed to the Pella Police Department, 614 Main St., 628-4921, during business hours.