Accused students or complainants may petition within three (3) school days of the written decision to the dean of students for a review by College Review Panel (CRP) of the decision reached by the CHRB or for review by the CHRB for cases heard administratively by Area Coordinators. Review of cases heard administratively by all other hearing officers will be referred to the CRP.  Reviews, if granted, are final. Petitions for review will be in writing and will be delivered to the dean of students. Written requests for appeal should include all points students wish to be considered by the Review body if the request is granted.

  1. If the dean of students determines that the complaint may be reviewed, he/she may (1) refer the complaint back to the original hearing body/officer with instructions or (2) to the CRB or CHRB for reconsideration of the original determination and/or sanction(s). The CRP is convened by the dean of students and consists of three members: the Vice President of Student Development, the President of the Student Government, and the Chair of the Faculty Policy Committee. The CRP serves as the final level of review in the conduct matter.
  2. A student may request a review for only the following purposes:
  • To consider new information, unavailable during the original hearing, that could be outcome determinative;
  • To assess whether a material deviation from written procedures impacted the fairness of the hearing;
  • To decide if a sanction(s) is grossly disproportionate to the severity of the offense;
  • To determine that the finding does not accord with the information;
  • To assess whether bias on the part of a conduct board member deprived the process of impartiality.
  1. Except as required to explain the basis of new information, an appeal will be limited to review of the verbatim record of the initial hearing and supporting documents, a written letter and supporting documents from the student asking for and explaining the appeal request, and a written letter and supporting documents from the complainant responding to the accused student’s appeal request.
  2. The original hearing officer/body or the CRP or CHRB  may
  • support or change a decision
  • increase, decrease, or modify a sanction
  • The reviewing body will be deferential to the original decision maker, making changes to the findings only where there is clear error and to the sanction only if a compelling justification to do so exists, and a unanimous decision is reached.

  CRP members will participate in trainings with the CHRB and dean of students or designee.