Faculty Policies

INT. Introduction

Mission Statement

2. General Statement

FC. The Constitution of the Faculty of Central College

1. Membership Of The Faculty

2. Functions And Rights Of The Faculty

3. Organization And Business Of The Faculty

4. Amendment Of The Constitution And Bylaws

FB. Faculty Bylaws

1.Employment Procedures For Tenure-Line Faculty

2.Employment Procedures For Non-Tenure-Line Appointments

3. Termination And Serious Sanctions Of Tenure-line Faculty

4. Faculty Organization

5. Faculty Meetings

6. Governance Committees Definitions

FSC. Faculty Standing Committees

2. Committee Organization And Procedures

1. Committee Charters And Membership

FE. Faculty Evaluation, Review, Tenure, and Promotion

1. Evaluation And Review Procedures

A. Candidate Files And Portfolios

B. Procedures For Untenured, Tenure-Line Faculty

C. Post-Tenure Review Procedures: Five-Year Post-Tenure Review

D. Post-Tenure Evaluation Procedures: Evaluation By The Faculty Personnel Committee Initiated By Department Chair Or VPAA/Dean Of The Faculty (or Designate) At A Post-Tenure Review

E. Post-Tenure Evaluation Procedures: Evaluation By The Faculty Personnel Committee For Faculty In A Two-Year Post-Tenure Evaluation Cycle

F. Procedures For Promotion To Professor

G. Procedures For Non-Tenure-Line Appointments

H. Review Procedures For Recommendation For Emeritus Faculty

2. Evaluation Criteria:

FL. Faculty Leaves

Faculty Leaves

FI. Faculty Information

Faculty Information

Policy Regarding Working, Teaching, And Learning Expectations On A Residential Campus July 2022