Campus Communication

Central Crier

The Crier is available on to the Central College community as a means of daily communication of official campus announcements and timely events notices. All students are encouraged to read it regularly and are responsible for its content. Personal messages, classified ads and political statements will not be accepted for inclusion. Messages for The Crier may be sent to and must be received by 8 a.m. the day of publication. Please limit message to three to four lines and three days. No voice mail with the exception of class cancellation.



Every Central College student is issued a Central e-mail account and is expected to check that account regularly, since important information and announcements, including the Central Crier, are distributed via e-mail.


Campus Mail and Post Office

Campus mail is sent through the campus post office and does not require postage. It is for official communication between campus offices and individuals. All campus mail must include a campus box number in the address. Box numbers are listed in the on-line student directory.

The campus post office is a designated U.S.P.S. substation and is a full-service post office. Students are assigned a post office box from which they may pick up personal mail. The post office also handles official campus mail (mail to and from people on campus and related to college business) which requires no postage. All mail must include a box number in the address. Please do not use a “P.O.” designation for the box, as campus boxes and Pella post office boxes are in different locations.

               Hours:    Monday – Friday               9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m

When receiving mail through the campus post office, the following address should be used:

               Student’s name

               Central College

               Campus Box xxxx (box # assigned by the campus post office)

               812 University

               Pella, IA 50219



The college has its own telephone system with four-digit extensions in all residence hall lounge areas, faculty offices and buildings on campus. All extensions on campus may be directly dialed from any other extension.

               Direct dial long-distance telephone service is available to students. Students requesting long-distance billable service will be issued an authorization code after submitting an application on-line or at the Central Service Center. Each student will have his or her own authorization code and is responsible for safeguarding this code number to prevent others from using it. The student is responsible for all charges made against his or her authorization code. If a student loses the card on which the code number is printed, the Central Service Center should be notified immediately so the number can be cancelled and a new number issued.

               Long distance charges will be billed directly to the student through campus mail approximately every four weeks with the balance due at the Central Service Center on the 15th day of each month. Failure to pay will result in cancellation of the student’s authorization code and a fine.