Recommended Sanctions For Alcohol Policy Violations

The following are lists of minimum sanctioning guidelines for alcohol policy violations.

1st violation 3 hour educational workshop (student responsible for fee)
2nd violation 10 hour campus work/$75 fine
  Parent Notification
  Notification of coaches/advisors/music directors/theater directors
  Discipinary Warning
3rd violation Disciplinary Probation (including limit of co-curricular involvement)
  Behavioral Agreement
  12 hour workshop (student responsible for $180-250 fee)
  Notification of co-curricular advisors and class deans
  Parental notification
4th violation Suspension from Central College

Behaviors which increase the minimal consequences include: (but not limited to):

Conditions created, excessive use encouraged, kegs present, paraphernalia utilized, size and magnitude of event, vandalism, vomiting, blackout, harassment, and sexual assault.