Guest Policy

Students are responsible for their guest’s observance of all college rules. It is the student’s responsibility to inform guests of the policies and monitor their behavior. Residents understand that failure to do so may result in being accused of and held accountable for a violation that their guest commits.  Overnight guests may not stay for more than three nights in a seven-day period.  Residents and their guests are prohibited from using lounges or other common areas as sleeping accommodations.   Permission to have a guest must be obtained from your roommate/suitemates/pod-mates prior to the guest(s) arrival. Unescorted guests and strangers should be asked to leave.

Only residents assigned to a room/pod are allowed to live there and keep their belongings in that room.  The presence of someone else’s clothing, toiletries, etc. can be interpreted as cohabitation and is subject to disciplinary action.

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