Campus Ministries Opportunities

Central’s chaplain oversees the faith climate of the college. The chaplain’s office helps create community on campus by providing opportunities for worship, service and facilitates discussion over faith issues and by working to unify the efforts of the various religious groups on campus. 


Weekly Worship Services

Sunday evenings at 9 p.m. the college community is invited to gather for worship in the Chapel. Chapel services regularly include music, dramas and a message from the chaplain. Oftentimes, services highlight leaders at Central College as speakers, musicians and other assistants. Sunday evening worship, known as “The Calm” is approximately an hour in length, while Tuesday morning worship, known as “Community Worship”, is usually 30 minutes.


Campus Ministries also works closely with the local Catholic parish to ensure that Catholic students’ spiritual needs are met.  Mass is available weekly.


Ministry Teams

Campus Ministries offers eight different ministry teams for students to get involved on campus and beyond. Students have the opportunity to serve through music, drama, tech/sound, worship planning, social justice, ACTION and retreat teams. Most teams meet weekly for prayer, planning and fellowship.


Winter and Spring Break Mission Trips

Each winter and spring break, Campus Ministries organizes week-long mission trips. Additional trips are often hosted for fall break and in May as well.  Students caravan to the chosen location for service, study, and community building. Past highlights have included trips to Reynosa, Mexico, Mississippi, Georgia, New Mexico, Washington D.C., Kentucky and Kansas City, Missouri. Mission trips challenge students to grow in their faith while also helping them gain a better perspective of the world in which we live.


Bible Studies, Discussion Groups and Special Lectures

Throughout the year, Campus Ministries sponsors non-credit forums for Bible study, discussion and learning. Students, staff and community members provide leadership. Every year the Staley Lecture is given by a renowned Christian speaker to challenge students in their faith and broaden their perspective of Christianity throughout the world.


Local Church Guidance

Campus Ministries assists those students who wish to worship in their denominational tradition, as well as those students who want to explore other styles of worship, to find a local church.  Local Church Listing