Campus Emergencies

Various teams address emergency situations on the Central College campus. 

  • The Central College Emergency Management Team (CEMT) is tasked with overall direction and coordination of the College’s preparation and reaction to emergency situations that affect the college, including pandemic issues based on recommendations from the CDC. 
  • The Central College Emergency Response Team (CERT) is charged with coordinating “on-the-ground”, real-time response efforts to address the emergency.
  • The director of counseling services facilitates a team response to crises such as severe student illnesses or other injuries, deaths or life-threatening accidents and suicide attempts or completions.

Direct control of the campus in the event of a major emergency or disaster is the joint responsibility of the Central Emergency Management (CEMT) and Central Emergency Response (CERT) teams.  The president of the college has overall authority for all emergency response through the CEMT while the dean of students coordinates the CERT and communicates with the CEMT.

Emergencies will be managed in accordance with the National Inter-Agency Incident Management System’s (NIIMS) Incident Command Center model.  The NIIMS model is to be used for Level 2 and Level 3 incidents.  It provides a common framework under which different agencies can function effectively in an emergency.