Check-in And Check-out

Upon moving into the assigned residential space, the resident will complete, sign, and return to the assigned Resident Advisor the room condition resport (RCR) within 24 hours of occupancy.  This room condition report will be an accurate and complete record of the contents and condition of the assigned room/ pod/house and will be the basis for damage charges if assessed.  Failure to complete, sign and return the form(s) results in the resident’s assumption of responsibility for any damage evident in the room/pod/house. 

The resident will vacate the assigned room within twenty-four (24) hours after loss of student status, after their final examination of the semester, or according to the closing schedule, whichever occurs earliest.  Residents whose disruptive behavior has an adverse influence upon the community may be required to vacate in less than the 24 hour period.  Residents must apply via the residence life website to stay late or arrive early at least three days in advance.  Upon approval, a $35.00 per day fee will apply. 

Proper check-out procedures include removing all belongings, waste, and debris; returning the room/pod/house to its check-in status including, but not limited to, cleaning the unit and returning furnishings (including beds) to their original condition/position; completing a walkthrough with a staff member; and returning all key(s).  Property left will be disposed of by the college and any costs incurred while disposing of the property will be charged to the owner.  The college assumes no liability for items left on campus.  Residents meet with a residence life staff member to check out to avoid a $50 improper/late check-out fee.