Safety: Keeping Yourself And The Community Safe

Accidents:  Any accidents that occur on campus, especially those resulting in personal injury, should be reported to student development.

Liability:  College insurance does not cover damage to or loss of student’s property by fire, water or theft. Each student should know if his or her personal possessions are covered by family policies and, if not, to obtain such coverage.

Registry:  The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, section 1601 of Public Law 106-386, requires that individuals required to register in a given state provide notice, as required under that state’s law, of each institution of higher education in that state in which that person is a student or at which the person is employed or carries on a vocation. Central College expects that all individuals required to make their whereabouts known regardless of reason, do so appropriately and promptly as prescribed. Failure to do so will result in conduct action being taken and may result in sanctions up to and including suspension or dismissal from the college. Individuals seeking information on registered sex offenders within the Pella and Central communities are directed to

Reporting Safety Concerns:  Students are encouraged to report incidents of theft, vandalism or other threatening behavior to student safety, residence hall staff and/or the student development office. Conversation with one of the student development staff can prove to be helpful and, at times, the information should be reported as an alert to the campus.

  • Students may, also, report concerns anonymously through “Central Sees” (Click HERE )
  • An annual security report is compiled by the student development office and distributed annually to all members of the Central community via email, is available online (Click HERE ) or is available in paper form for students and/or staff upon request at the student development office.

Safety Reminder:  Students are urged to use normal safety practices on campus; keep your room locked at night or when not occupied, walk in lighted areas at night, label personal belongings, etc.

Sidewalks:   Sidewalks are primarily for pedestrian use. Vehicles such as bikes must yield to pedestrian traffic. Bikes, cycles, mopeds, etc. are not to be parked in building walkways or entrances.  Only students, staff and their family members are allowed recreational in-line rollerblading on campus. Campus and personal property damage caused by anyone involved in “extreme” rollerblading or skateboarding will be handled as vandalism.

Student Safety Personnel:  Student safety personnel are designated to protect people and property. They offer night escort service and can be reached by dialing 641-628-9000 of “0 from a College phone for assistance.