The college expects students to conduct themselves with integrity, in ways which honor community, exemplify fairness, demonstrate respect and accept responsibility.  The basic approach to maintaining this code of conduct is self-discipline. However, the college considers the behavior described within these broad categories as inappropriate for the Central College community.  Central College community members are encouraged to report to a college authority incidents which involve, but are not limited to, the actions or attempts of the same, described within the webpages of the areas listed below.

Standards of Student Conduct: Rules

This list of rules is supplemented by more extensive policies that follow on subsequent webpages.  These rules apply to all students. Any student found to have committed the misconduct is subject to sanctions. Unacceptable conduct is defined below.


Students exemplify honesty, integrity and a respect for truth in all of their dealings. Behavior that demonstrates a lapse of integrity includes, but is not limited to:

1.    Knowingly furnishing false, falsified, or forged information to any member of the college community, such as lying to a college employee, falsification or misuse of documents, accounts, records, identification or financial instruments;

2.    Acts of academic dishonesty as outlined in the Code of Academic Integrity;

3.    Unauthorized possession, duplication, or use of means of access (keys, access cards, etc.) to any college building;

4.    Action or inaction by someone in collusion with a wrongdoer which fails to discourage a known and obvious violation of college policy or law;

5.    Violations of positions of trust or authority within the community;

6.    Tampering with the election of any college recognized student organization.