Inclement Weather

As Central is a residential college, it is not possible to completely close the college in the case of inclement weather. Even if classes are not held, there are essential services that must be provided. Closing announcements will be made through the Blackboard Connect 5 text messaging system, email and local radio stations in Pella, Knoxville, Oskaloosa and Des Moines by the marketing & media relations office through direction of the president. When possible, Student Safety staff will send an email notifying the campus of snow emergencies and other weather-related announcements. However, students, faculty and staff should not rely solely on these announcements but instead also check with City of Pella communication sources to be as up to date as possible.

Classes will be held at the discretion of the faculty member, even in inclement weather. Faculty members are urged to be sensitive to their own as well as to student safety in applying this policy. The policy is not intended to force people to take unwise risks, but rather to keep the academic program operating.