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Over 370 computers are available for students use at various locations around campus. All computers are connected to the Internet and the campus network and are loaded with the Microsoft Office software suite and various specialized software applications.

General-purpose student computer labs are located in the following areas:

  • Gaass Hall (open 24 hours to residents)
  • Geisler Library 2nd floor (eight computers available during Library hours)
  • Graham Hall (open 24 hours to residents)
  • Jordan Hall Library
  • Pietenpol Hall (open 24 hours to residents)
  • Schipper Fitness Center Lobby
  • Maytag Student Center (computer help center)
  • Scholte Hall (open 24 hours to residents)
  • Weller Center Room 137 (open 24 hours with student ID)
  • McKee Hall (open 24 hours to residents)
  • Roe Center 2nd floor (open 24 hours with student ID)

The following departmental labs and/or computerized classrooms are also available, and normally limited to academic use for departmental assignments:

  • Art (Lubbers)
  • Biology/Chemistry/Physics (Vermeer Science Center)
  • Communications/Theatre (Kruidenier Center 112)
  • Economics/Accounting/Management (Weller 103)
  • Exercise Science (Kuyper 222 and 226)
  • Math/Computer Science (Vermeer Science Center)
  • Modern Languages (Weller 102)
  • Music (Cox-Snow)

Access to Computer Resources

Students are allowed the use of an e-mail account, access to the Internet, storage space on network file and Web servers, dial-in services, and use of campus computer labs. Appropriate quotas are enforced for e-mail and server storage. IT services will from time to time establish and publish minimum requirements for personally owned computers to be allowed to connect to Central’s data network.