Rationale: Drug Policy

This policy on controlled substances provides flexibility for the college in addressing drug-related offenses on or off campus. Moreover, it permits the college to address its fundamental mission of holistic education and development of human potential. While recognizing that there is a need to address violations related to the use or possession of controlled substances, the college must address the education and well being of all its students and employees. This policy permits sanctions involving probation and counseling for rehabilitation purposes when appropriate. Furthermore, students and employees are also subject to all legal sanctions under local, state and federal law for any offenses involving illegal drugs on college property or at college activities. Sanctions imposed by the college may include conduct action and/or the completion of an appropriate rehabilitation program.

The dean of students or designee is the person charged with the responsibility to oversee and coordinate campus conduct procedures involving students, which include a system of hearings, interim action, and the availability of final review. The Director of Human Resources is charged with working with the appropriate Deans or Vice Presidents to assure that employees have a similar system hearings, interim action and final review. These administrative officers, working with the appropriate institutional leadership, will ensure the consistent enforcement of conduct sanctions, the required reviews of program effectiveness, and the implementation of needed changes.