Parking And Vehicle Policies

General Policy

Central College provides and maintains parking lots for its employees, students and visitors.  Each employee, student, or visitor utilizing a campus lot must register the motor vehicle with Central College and appropriately display a current Central College campus parking permit to park in College parking lots.

Guidelines and Procedures

  1. Parking is permitted in available spaces in assigned parking lots. Parking on the walkways, at building entrances, in buildings or in lots different than assigned lot are examples of violations of Central’s parking regulations. All parking lots are color coded with only vehicles having the color of permit for that lot permitted to park in those lots.
  2. All students, visitors, and guests are expected to observe posted regulations (i.e. stop signs, no parking or restricted parking signs), as well as state and local traffic regulations when driving or parking on campus.
  3. Student lots are assigned on first-come-first-served basis according to resident housing assignment.  Most first-year students are assigned to the Green lot.
  4. Anyone parked in a location other than their assigned lot type risks receiving a ticket.

City of Pella street parking information

  1. Pella City law forbids parking on city streets over 48 hours unless posted.
  2. Many city streets surrounding Central’s campus do not allow parking from 2 AM to 6 AM.

Parking Permit Guidelines

  1. All motor vehicles parked on campus must be registered through the student development office and display an appropriate registration permit. This includes motor vehicles for resident students, commuting students, employees, and visitors.
  2. Parking registration permits and hang tags are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Both the registrant and the user are subject to a fine if permits are transferred.

Registration of Vehicle

Students:  Complete vehicle registration form available on-line to register motor vehicle.

Visitors:  Complete a visitor registration form at the information center in Maytag Student Center.

Employees:  Complete a registration form at the human resources office or in the student development office.

  1. Students and employees who register a new or different motor vehicle must come to the student development office to complete a new registration form.
  2. Permits must be appropriately displayed on the motor vehicle according to the following instructions:
    Student CARS: affix the permit to the driver’s side rear bumper of the vehicle.
    Student MOTORCYCLES, MOPEDS, etc.: affix the permit on the rear fender where it is easily seen
    Employee vehicles: affix the permit to driver’s side inside of the rear window.
  3. A parking permit is not a guarantee of a parking space even though the College does not over-sell parking lots.
  4. Temporary registration for a motor vehicle brought to campus for a short period of time by employees, visitors, and students are available at the Maytag information center.
  5. Lost or damaged permits must be reported to the student development office.  Defective permits can be exchanged at the student development office.

 Parking Permit Fees, Registration and Display

Campus parking permit fees:  Permit fees are assessed according to the following fee schedule:

  1. Resident first-year students:  (Green lot)…$25.00.
  2. Resident upper class students: Residential lots (blue, purple, red)…$100.00
  3. Commuter lot (Orange lot)…$25.00
  4. Employees are provided a hang tag as part of their employment at Central.
  5. Visitors are provided a temporary hang tag upon request at no charge.
  6. Resident and commuter student parking fees are charged by semester. 

Information required to request a parking permit includes:

  1. Student/Employee/Visitor name
  2. Student/Employee ID number
  3. License plate number
  4. Make, type, and color of vehicle
  5. Preferred parking area

 Parking Violations

A parking ticket will be issued for the following violations:

  1. Failure to register or display a parking permit
  2. Improper parking, including parking in an area other than assigned or blocking roadways, walkways, etc.

Schedule of fines

Nonregistered vehicle


Registered vehicle, wrong lot


Disabled parking space


Other parking violations such as improper parking (on grass or walkways), permit illegally displayed


Additional Information regarding ticketing on campus

  • After a student has received FOUR Central parking tickets, the ticket price will increase to $50/ticket (1-4 tickets are $20/piece.  5+ tickets will be $50/piece.)
  • After a student has received 11 or more parking tickets, they will lose the privilege to park on campus and their vehicle is a risk of being booted or towed if parked on campus again.
  • After a student has received SEVEN or more parking tickets, they will only be eligible for a Green Lot parking permit for the following academic year.
  • Non-registered vehicles that are repeatedly parked on campus will have a tire boot placed on their vehicle.  The owner will need to speak with the director for student parking to have the boot removed.  The fee for boot removal is $100 and the vehicle will need to be registered before the boot is removed. 
  • Fines can be paid at the controller’s office.
  • Flagrant disregard of regulations will be deemed sufficient cause to revoke campus parking privileges and possible towing of vehicle at the owners expense.
  • All vehicles parked in the fire lane areas are subject to immediate towing at the owners expense, in addition to applicable fines.

Special Notes

  • Although the college assumes no responsibility for vehicles or their contents, we do encourage incidents of theft or damage to be reported to the student development office and Pella Police.
  • The college reserves the right to change or adjust these regulations when necessary.
  • Parents and other campus guests should use visitor lots. Since student lots are often full, we discourage guest vehicles in these lots. Temporary permits are available for guests.
  • Appeals of Parking Fines:  Parking tickets can be appealed by obtaining an appeal form online here or the Information booth located in Maytag Student Center. Appealsmust be returned to the Student Development Office, second floor of Maytag Center.  All appeals will be reviewed and each appellant notified of the outcome.

 Bicycle Regulations

  1. There is a free voluntary program of bicycle registration for the purpose of discouraging theft or borrowing available at the Pella Police station.
  2. Bicycles are to be locked to approved bicycle racks only. Bicycles locked to light poles, trees or any other non-approved objects will be removed at the owner’s expense (e.g. cutting off locks & chains).
  3. Bicycles left unused by academic buildings will be marked and after 48 hours will be moved to the warehouse for storage. Call the student development office x5291 to reclaim.