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Nearly 80 percent of Central’s students are provided with an employment opportunity during the academic year. Students are eligible to earn the amount specified in their aid award and the final responsibility for whether the amount is earned belongs to the student.

Departments seek student employees who will provide economical and effective staffing. Work-study jobs are intended to both enrich the students’ education and better prepare them for the post-graduation work force. They also provide considerable numbers to the college work force. As college employees, the students are expected to be dependable and perform their responsibilities in a manner benefiting their department and ultimately the college. Students are essential to campus operations, and in fact, some departments at Central simply could not operate without student labor.


Eligibility for work is determined by the Office of Financial Aid. Students are eligible to earn up to the amount shown on the financial aid award at a part-time job provided on or off campus. Most students will be awarded $800 – $1500 equating to 5 – 8.5 hours a week based on a 30-week schedule.

The student’s work study award is an estimate of the student’s maximum earnings and is not a guarantee that he/she will actually earn the amount. The student will be paid on a regular basis for the hours worked. Earnings are not applied to the student’s bill. 


Students that plan to work on campus must complete pre-employment paperwork to verify their eligibility to work in the United States, their tax information and their pay preferences. Students will not be able to perform work for the college until this paperwork is completed with the Financial Aid office. The paperwork is made available at freshman orientation to allow students the opportunity to secure an assignment before they arrive on campus.


The starting wage for most positions on campus is the current minimum wage, as defined by the Iowa Department of Labor guidelines.  To recognize the commitment and dedication that a student shows to their employment, a graduated pay scale is in place to award an increase of $0.10 after each year of service.

Students are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the hours that they record.  When completing pre-employment paperwork, students can choose to be paid through direct deposit or by picking up a paper check at the Central Service Center.

Students are paid on a monthly basis during the academic year.  For a current pay schedule, please visit the student employment site.

Job Assignments

If a student’s financial aid award includes a work-study award and the student completes the required pre-employment paperwork, a job assignment will be made for the student prior to their arrival on campus. When completing pre-employment paperwork, students will be invited to complete a survey to share information about their experience and qualifications.  The Financial Aid office considers the survey responses and the needs of the college and surrounding community when making job assignments. The notification of job assignments is sent via email to the student prior to their arrival on campus.

Returning Students

Students are eligible to request a different job assignment for their second year by completing a request during the online job fair held each spring. 

The online job fair allows students to learn more about different opportunities on campus and submit their requests to various departments. 

Upperclassmen can also learn more about openings on campus by visiting the student employment site.  This site is updated with current openings on a regular basis.

The Financial Aid department is responsible for administering student employment as of Fall 2018.  The office is located on the main level of Central Hall, in the Admission office suite.  To speak with a staff member, students may call 641-628-5187 or email