Student Senate

The Student Senate of Central College is the student arm of the governance process on Central’s campus and concerns itself with all aspects of campus life. The Senate attempts to represent the student viewpoint to administration and faculty in regard to policies and rules affecting students.

The Student Senate comprises 24 senators and the Student Body President. The Student Body President and 20 senators are elected in the spring each year in an at-large election and four first-year senators are elected in the fall. There are five executive officers (president, senate leader, secretary, treasurer and parliamentarian).

Members of the Student Senate work with the Faculty Policy Committee to serve as a liaison and student voice on various faculty committees, including Faculty Policy, Academic Standards, Assessment, International Programs, Faculty Development, Curriculum, and Core Committee.   Additionally, there are several Student Senate standing committees: Executive Committee (includes the elected officers), Budget and Finance Committee, Student Organization Committee, Outreach Committee, Policy and Personnel, and Campus Life Committee.