When a violation of college policy has been verified through the conduct process, an administrative hearing officer or board will impose sanctions.  Supportive of the academic mission of the college these sanctions are educationally based, the design being to enhance the holistic development of our students. A sanction may be single or multi-faceted and cover a wide-range of educational opportunities tailored to the individual and the nature of the conduct violation involved.  Sanctions are included in the decision letter which is sent to the responsible student and placed in a conduct file, minimally held in the Student Development office confidentially for seven years from the date of creation.  Students may expect to receive sanctions such as, but not limited to, those listed below.

  • Written Warning – Issued when a conduct administrator or board determines that minimal consequences should be imposed for the violation.
  • Restitution – Monetary compensation for loss, damage or injury. May also be imposed in conjunction with community restitution to provide necessary resources for completing the sanction.
  • Fines – Payment of a fine according to conditions and amounts  approved by the college business office or as deemed appropriate by the hearing body/officer.
  • Discretionary Sanctions – Include, but are not limited to, work assignments, service to the college or community, letters of apology, completion of educational programs, papers or reflections, assessment and counseling, evaluation or treatment by an appropriate health care or other professional, or other discretionary assignment.
  • Loss of Privileges – Denial of privileges to college services and facilities, attendance or participation in activities, events or programs.
  • Restricted Access – Restriction or termination of a student’s access to a residence hall/college facility or designated portion of a residence hall/college facility as a guest.
  • Probation – Probationary status imposed with or without restrictions for a defined period of time not to exceed one calendar year. Probation may include the loss of privileges such as, but not limited to, representing the college in intercollegiate athletics or holding a student office or similar position. A student on probation is subject to additional sanctions, including suspension or dismissal, if involved in any subsequent act of misconduct, including violations of the terms of probation.
  • Living Unit Suspension – Removal of the student from a room, floor, pod, townhouse, house or residence hall for a defined period of time. Conditions for reinstatement may be imposed.
  • Contract Termination – Termination of the student’s housing contract and removal from the housing system. Readmission to campus housing may occur only with written approval from the Assistant Dean of Students responsible for Residence Life/Safety or person specified. Students whose contracts are terminated may lose room fees and visitation privileges to all residence areas.
  • Probation of a Student Organization – Probationary status for not less than one academic semester, during which time the organization will be required to fulfill specific conditions. Violation of probation, or any college policy or procedure, will result in more severe conduct sanctions.
  • Suspension of a Student Organization – Removal from recognition as a college organization for a defined period of time. Suspension involves a loss of all privileges, including the use of college facilities and probationary status for one year following completion of the suspension.
  • Termination of a Student Organization – Removal of a student organization from the college.
  • Suspension – Removal of the student from the college for a defined period of time after which the student is eligible to return. Conditions of readmission may be specified. During a suspension, a student is not permitted to be on college property or be in attendance at college-sponsored events.
  • Expulsion – Permanent termination of the relationship between the college and a student. Any student who has been expelled from the college for conduct reasons may not be readmitted without written approval of President of the College. An expelled student is not permitted to be on college property or be in attendance at college-sponsored events.
  • ***PLEASE NOTE:  The college may note “disciplinary suspension” or “disciplinary expulsion” on a suspended or expelled student’s academic transcript.