Furnishings And Furniture

No structural changes, additions, attachments, transfers, or change of furniture are allowed.  Furniture provided by the college may not be removed from rooms, pods or common areas.  Shower heads may not be removed or replaced.  Furniture is not to be disassembled, nor are mattresses to be removed.  Charges for moving common-area or assigned furniture back to its proper location and for the loss or damage of such furniture will be assessed to those responsible. 

Students wishing to loft or bunk the room’s beds should contact their resident advisor to receive the materials (free) necessary to do so.  Students that construct lofts without College issued lofting kits will be assessed a $50 fine and will need to immediately remove the loft from the residential building.  The college does not assume responsibility for any injury incurred due to the bunking or lofting of beds.  Residents should only bunk or loft their beds in the appropriate manner.  Non-approved “stacking” of furniture is not permitted.