Emergency Response Procedure

  • Declaration of Emergency/Disaster: The authority to initiate the emergency/disaster notification system rests with the vice president for student development/dean of students.  The vice president for student development/dean of students (or designee) initiate Central’s emergency communication system in the event of natural disasters or human-caused emergencies.
  • Notification of the Central College Community: In the event of an emergency affecting campus Central’s emergency communication system, activated by the vice president for student development/dean of students (designee), will be used to notify students and employees of the situation with specific first response instructions to meet the emergency, safeguard people and property, and maintain facilities.
  • Electronic Bridge: When the CEMT and CERT receive the emergency communication notification of the emergency, the leaders of each group will open an electronic communication bridge to allow each team to converse.
  • Communication:

Campus Personnel: Electronic communication:  Generally, communication with campus community personnel will occur through electronic means.  Central’s emergency communication system, website, and email will be used extensively for this purpose.  Should electronic communication be disrupted, a series of “live person” communication systems will be used to communicate with campus personnel.  These will include but not limited to utilizing the Pella Police loud speaker system, utilizing the speaker system in the chapel’s carillon, bull horns, gathering all campus personnel in various meeting locations, etc. Communication content and frequency will be determined by the president and CEMT.

Off-Campus Personnel:  Parents, Media and VisitorsEmergency situations attract interest beyond the campus community.  The president (or designee) will provide updates to these groups.