The college expects students to conduct themselves with integrity, in ways which honor community, exemplify fairness, demonstrate respect and accept responsibility.  The basic approach to maintaining this code of conduct is self-discipline. However, the college considers the behavior described within these broad categories as inappropriate for the Central College community.  Central College community members are encouraged to report to a college authority incidents which involve, but are not limited to, the actions or attempts of the same, described within the webpages of the areas listed below.

Standards of Student Conduct: Rules

This list of rules is supplemented by more extensive policies that follow on subsequent webpages.  These rules apply to all students. Any student found to have committed the misconduct is subject to sanctions. Unacceptable conduct is defined below.


Central College students show respect for each other, for property and for the community. Behavior that violates this value includes, but is not limited to:

1.    Threatening or causing physical harm, verbal abuse, or other conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of self or any person;

2.    Discrimination, intimidation, harassment (full policy);

3.    Abusive affiliation, hazing (full policy);

4.    Violence or disruptive behavior between those in an intimate relationship to each other;

5.    Stalking, defined as repetitive, menacing pursuit, following, harassment and/or interference with the peace and/or safety of a member of the community; or the safety of any of the immediate family of members of the community (full policy);

6.    Sexual misconduct, (full policy) including:

a.                    sexual harassment;

b.                   non-consensual sexual contact;

c.                    non-consensual sexual intercourse;

d.                   sexual exploitation.


7.    Inappropriate conduct which is disorderly, disruptive, or indecent while on campus or at functions sponsored by, or participated in by, the college;

8.    Intentionally or recklessly causing damage to college or personal property, or which causes injury to any member of the community;

9.    Failure to comply with directions of college officials or law enforcement officers during the performance of their duties and/or failure to identify oneself to these persons when requested to do so;

10.  Smoking on college owned or operated property (full policy);

11.  Failure to engage in responsible social conduct that reflects credit upon the college community and to model good citizenship in any community;

12.  Abuse of animals – Animals (warm or cold blooded) are not to be used in pranks or in an inhumane way;

13.  Unauthorized use of electronic or other devices to make an audio or video record of any person while on college premises without his/her prior knowledge, or without his/her effective consent when such a recording is likely to cause injury or distress. This includes, but is not limited to, surreptitiously taking pictures of another person in a gym, locker room or restroom.