A. Candidate Files And Portfolios

1. The candidate’s File
a. A candidate’s evaluation or review file, unless specified differently under each Review or Evaluation, consists of:
i. Candidate’s portfolio
ii. Current evaluation letters
iii. Documentation from previous evaluations and/or reviews, as specified below
iv. Student course evaluations from the past six semesters of teaching
v. Course grade distributions from the past six semesters of teaching
b. The candidate is responsible for uploading the portfolio, and the VPAA/Dean of the Faculty’s office is responsible for uploading the other items. Candidates have full access to read their file but may not modify the portfolio after the submission deadline.

2. The Candidate’s Portfolio
a. Candidates create a portfolio as described under each review/evaluation. The portfolio is the candidate’s voice in Reviews and Evaluations. As such it is a self-reflective compilation of items that describe and provide contextual evidence of the candidate’s strengths, accomplishments, areas of growth and improvement, and goals for the future.
b. The portfolio may not be modified after the submission deadline.