H. Review Procedures For Recommendation For Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus status honors distinguished and distinctive contributions to the intellectual and cultural life of the college. Tenured faculty who retire as defined by the college policies are eligible to be considered for emeritus status.

1. The candidate or another tenured faculty member such as the current or a previous department chair may initiate a nomination by contacting the VPAA/Dean of the Faculty by 15 January of the academic year in which the faculty member intends to retire.

2. By 20 January: The candidate submits an updated curriculum vitae to the nominator if applicable.

3. By 15 February: The candidate or nominator(s) write(s) a nomination letter to provide a written summary of evidence of meritorious performance in teaching, professional growth and development, and/or institutional service and leadership over the candidate’s career. This letter along with the candidate’s curriculum vitae are submitted to the VPAA/Dean of the Faculty for consideration.

4. By 15 March: The VPAA/Dean of the Faculty presents his or her recommendation to the President, along with the nomination letter.

5. The VPAA/Dean of the Faculty meets with the nominee to convey the outcome of the review.

6. Candidates for promotion to emeritus status are presented to the Board of Trustees at its spring meeting.

7. If a decision to retire is made after the nomination date of 15 January, emeritus status will be considered the following year and applied retroactively.

8. Emeritus faculty retain the privilege of attending faculty meetings (non-voting).