4. Faculty Organization

A. Department Chairs

1. Selection of Department Chairs

Department Chairs serve three-year terms (1 August-31 July), should typically be tenured faculty, and are appointed by the VPAA/Dean of the Faculty in consultation with the Faculty Personnel Committee and faculty members in the department.

2. Roles and Responsibilities of Department Chairs

a. Serve as a leader of the department, administering duties assigned by the VPAA/Dean of the Faculty.
b. Oversee the business of the department, including:

i. Making recommendations to the Personnel Committee concerning the evaluation, promotion, and tenure of members of the department.
ii. Supervising the department budgets, curricula, course schedules, departmental planning, and acquisition of library holdings.
iii. Recruiting instructional staff.
iv. Holding regular department meetings.
v. Mentoring and assisting in development of new faculty.

c. Work with department members in an advisory role.
d. Work with the VPAA/Dean of the Faculty in an advisory role.
e. Serving as department chair does not preclude service on committees or other organized faculty bodies.

B. Directors of Interdisciplinary Majors

1. Directors of interdisciplinary majors are appointed for three-year terms by the VPAA/Dean of the Faculty, in consultation with the Faculty Personnel Committee.

2. Normally, the director is a member of a specific department. Questions of promotion, tenure, general faculty policy and responsibility are thus handled through the normal departmental and committee structures of the faculty. This includes the normal concerns for curriculum, budget, library acquisitions, etc.

3. The director of an interdisciplinary major develops the program, seeks appropriate approvals, advises students, and implements the requirements of the program.

4. The director works with the VPAA/Dean of the Faculty in an advisory role.