2.Employment Procedures For Non-Tenure-Line Appointments

A. Initial Appointment, Contract, and Terms of Service

1. As stated in FB.1.A.3, the terms and conditions of every appointment will be stated in writing. The initial letter of appointment shall describe the status and period of appointment, the salary and benefits, a general description of responsibilities, the department and/or academic program of the appointment, and such other items of information as may be needed to clarify their roles and tasks.

2. Non tenure-line appointments are assigned the rank of either Lecturer or Visiting faculty and are generally made to fulfill specific needs for the college. These appointments are made on an annual basis.

3. Lecturers teach courses and perform other duties as per their appointment letter which outlines teaching load and other responsibilities to the college. For this group of employees, teaching is the primary responsibility. Lecturers with 0.50 FTE or greater are eligible to serve on non-standing committees.

4. Visiting Instructors, Visiting Assistant Professors, Visiting Associate Professors, and Visiting Professors teach courses and perform other duties for their department and the college, as per their appointment letter. They may serve on non-standing committees. Those appointed to Visiting status normally serve in that position no more than three calendar years.

B. Evaluation

1. Course evaluations for persons with Visiting status and Lecturers will be reviewed annually by their Department Chair prior to reappointment.

2. Lecturers with 0.50 FTE or greater will be formally evaluated by their Department Chair every three years. Every six years, they will be formally evaluated by both the Department Chair and the VPAA/Dean of the Faculty (or designate).