Weather And Emergency Communication

Central College is a residential college and it is not possible to completely close the college in the case of winter weather, fires, power failures or tornadoes. Even if classes are cancelled and/or administrative departments of the college are closed, there are essential services that must be provided in order to provide for the safety and welfare of the college’s resident student population and employees in these areas are expected to work. Class cancellations and office closing announcements will be made through Central College communication networks including e-mail, voice mail and

When the Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of the Faculty, in consultation with the Vice President for Finance/Treasurer and the Vice President for Student Development, cancels classes and closes administrative offices, staff members, with the exception of essential services, will be excused from work and will receive pay according to the following guidelines:

  1. Staff members who are at work when the closing is announced and are released to go home will be paid for their regularly scheduled hours.
  2. Staff members whose work schedule begins during a closing will not be required to report to work and will be paid for their normally scheduled hours.
  3. Employees on approved vacation or sick leave will be charged for vacation or sick leave and not paid additional hours designated in the emergency closing.
  4. Employees on Short Term Disability or FMLA will be paid per those policy guidelines.

Supervisors and employees are expected to communicate with each other about the weather and plans for covering work duties when severe weather is anticipated. Should an essential staff employee not be able to work due to circumstances beyond his/her control, he/she will be paid like other employees.  

Employees will be permitted to exercise discretion with respect to the relative safety of travel to and from the work place during winter weather conditions. In this spirit, it is anticipated that staff members will make every effort consistent with their own safety to be at work. If a staff member is unable to get to work, notification to their immediate supervisor is required. Staff members who do not come to work or leave the college at their own discretion due to inclement weather when administrative offices are not officially closed may take the time off without pay or use vacation time.