Volunteer Policy


The normal and customary work of the college is accomplished by Central College employees. However, the college permits persons who are interested in providing services to Central College as a nonprofit organization without expectation of any compensation to serve as volunteers under the provisions of this Policy. Volunteerism is supported as a valuable service to the college.

I. Purpose

Create guidelines for screening and engaging volunteers while minimizing risks to the volunteer and the college.

II. Policy

College volunteers shall comply with all college policies, procedures, and external regulations that govern their actions while serving as volunteers for the college. These include, but are not limited to, those of ethical behavior, safety, confidentiality, protected health and student information, use of college technology, unlawful discrimination/harassment, abuse of a minor, sexual or relationship misconduct, alcohol and drug use. All college polices can be found at: http://www.central.edu/policies/employees/.

Volunteers are to report any suspected or known unlawful harassment, sexual or relationship misconduct, or abuse of a minor or dependent adult, in addition to any other reporting obligation under Iowa law, to: Central College Title IX Coordinator (Phone: (641) 628-5249; Email: titleIX@central.edu).

College volunteers are not employees or agents of the college for any purpose, including for the establishment of an employer-employee relationship under the Fair Labor Standards Act. As a result, college volunteers are not eligible for compensation, employee benefits, worker’s compensation benefits, or unemployment benefits. Nothing in this policy shall be deemed to create a contract between college volunteers and the college.

Volunteers may be asked to work on projects that are supportive of the work of college employees. However, volunteers may not be used to replace or displace work that is presently being performed by college employees.

III. Eligibility

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age, unless they are providing volunteer services through association and under the supervision of an outside organization. Each college volunteer also must have adequate experience, qualifications, and training for the task(s) he or she will perform as a college volunteer.

A current college employee may not serve as a college volunteer unless the services are provided for a special event/program, or in a capacity that differs from his or her employment, and the employee clearly understands and acknowledges he/she is donating their time for volunteer services without the expectation of performing compensable work.

IV. Procedures

The following steps must be completed before a college volunteer is permitted to perform volunteer services:

  1. A college department head or supervisor must inform human resources of the new college volunteer, including the volunteer’s name, contact information, and desired volunteer services;
  2. The volunteer must provide a written authorization for the college to conduct a background check and HR must complete the background check and determine there are no disqualifying factors before volunteering begins;
  3. An appropriate volunteer agreement must be completed (coaching or general);
  4. Department head or supervisor must review the volunteer agreement with the volunteer and both sign the agreement (HR will maintain a record of the agreement and background check).

V. Termination of Relationship

Volunteers and the college have the right to terminate any type of volunteer’s association with the college at any time, for any reason, with or without cause or notice.

Volunteer agreements can be found at my.central.edu under Human Resources, or can obtained from the human resources office.