Violence In The Workplace

The safety and security of all staff, faculty and students is of primary importance to Central College. Therefore, the college will not tolerate any form of violence, as defined by this policy, toward staff, faculty, students and campus visitors. This policy applies to all employees (staff, faculty and student employees) to protect any person at or in any way connected with the college. Violations of this policy will lead to sanctions or disciplinary action up to, and including, termination and/or referral to appropriate law enforcement agencies for arrest and prosecution. The college reserves the right to take any necessary legal action to protect its employees and students. 

I. Violence is defined as the use of physical force against an employee, student or campus visitor with the intent to cause bodily harm or the intentional damage of property. Examples may include, but are not limited to, striking, hitting, beating, shoving, pushing and kicking. Violence also includes substantial acts or threats which are intended to intimidate, or cause fear or harm directed against employees, students or campus visitors. Examples of substantial acts or threats may include, but are not limited to, verbal threats, harassing phone calls, abusive behavior, coercion and shouting. 

The college also prohibits anyone from possessing, carrying or storing weapons of any kind on college property, in college vehicles, in employee privately owned vehicles being utilized for college business or parked on college property, even if there is no intent to use the item as a weapon, and even if the item is kept in a locked car or other secure place. This policy does not apply to any of the items defined below as a weapon, if used for college sanctioned purposes. 

II. Weapon is defined as any form of weapon or explosive; chemical, toxic or biological devices; all firearms; sharp edged instruments, martial arts weapons, and any other item that may be used with the intent to commit violence, as defined above, against person or property. If an employee is unsure whether an item is considered a weapon under this policy, contact the Office of Human Resources. Employees are responsible for making sure that any item they possess is not a weapon prohibited by this policy. 

III. On College Premises 

Any employee or guest who makes a substantial threat, exhibits threatening behavior, or engages in violent acts against person or property on college premises or under other circumstances that may negatively affect the college’s ability to conduct business shall be removed from the premises as quickly as safety permits and shall remain off college premises pending the outcome of an investigation. This includes verbal or nonverbal threats to another employee, student, or person, or an expression of intention to inflict bodily injury or damage to another employee, student, or person. 

This policy also applies while an employee is engaged in college business or activity off college premises, to incidents that begin on campus and proceed-off college premises, and to incidents that begin off college premises and extend to college premises. Even when off college premises and not involved in college business or activity, an employee who commits an act of violence against a person or property may be subject to sanctions and/or disciplinary action up to, and including termination, if that action could adversely affect the college or its reputation in the community. 

IV. Reporting Violence 

All college employees are responsible for reporting any threatening or violent behavior they witness, receive or are told another person witnessed or received as follows:  

(i) if the alleged offender is a faculty member, the complaint should generally be made to the Associate Dean for Curriculum and Faculty Development; 

(ii) if the alleged offender is a student, the complaint should generally be made to the Dean of Students; 

(iii) if the alleged offender is a staff member, the complaint should generally be made to the Office of Human Resources. 

Even without a specific threat of violence, all staff and faculty should report any behavior they have witnessed that they regard as potentially violent or threatening or which could endanger the health or safety of an individual when the behavior has been carried out on a college controlled site or in connection with college business or activity. Employees are responsible for making this report regardless of the relationship between the individual who initiated the violent or threatening act and the person or persons being threatened. Employees should assume that all threats of violence are serious. If the circumstances warrant, employees are also encouraged to call 911 before contacting the College personnel noted herein. 

Any individuals who apply for, or obtain a protective or restraining order that lists college premises as being protective areas, must provide to Human Resources a copy of the order. 

V. Confidentiality 

Reports of threats or violence will be carefully investigated, and confidentiality will be maintained to the extent possible. 

While the college has a policy prohibiting weapons and violence, nothing in this policy shall be construed as creating any duty or obligation on the part of the college to take any actions beyond those required of an employer by existing law.