Use Of Personal Vehicle And College Vehicle

Use of Personal Vehicle and College Vehicle

The college maintains a fleet of vehicles for the purpose of meeting the transportation needs of college personnel to functions and activities away from campus.

For employees who do not have specific vehicle arrangement contracts, it is preferable that you use your own vehicle and be reimbursed for mileage for business related travel. When this is not feasible every effort will be made to make a vehicle from the college fleet available. The college fleet is for business use only. The mileage reimbursement for use of personal vehicles for business travel and the charge for fleet use on a per mile basis is the same.

If a personal vehicle is used for college business, the employee’s personal insurance will respond as primary insurance coverage in case of accident or loss. When driving a personal auto on college business, the driver must have adequate automobile liability insurance as required by the state of Iowa. Any faculty or staff member who chooses to ride in a private automobile does so voluntarily and at their own risk. The college does not cover comprehensive or collision insurance for an employee who drives his/her personal vehicle on college business. The college does carry non-owned auto liability coverage to protect the college and employee(s) (excess basis) in the event of a suit resulting from an accident in which an employee was driving on college business.

If your private vehicle is damaged when you are using it to conduct college business, contact your own automobile insurance company to find out coverage, make claims, and to arrange for repairs. The college does not reimburse deductible amounts relating to loss or damages while using a personal vehicle for college business. The college’s business automobile policy does not provide coverage for an employee’s personal property should it be damaged in or stolen from a college owned, rented, or personal vehicle. The employee is responsible for his/her own personal property including any insurance coverage that he/she may want for it.