Technology Resource Access Policy


  1. Students, faculty, and staff are provided an email/network username which permits use of the Central College email system, access to the Internet, and use of student microcomputer labs.  Most employees use an email account housed on Central’s server; a pilot group has email housed on a Google server. All employees may use Google Apps. A limited amount of server disk storage is also provided to each, faculty and staff member (referred to as a Personal Folder). Students’ email is housed on a Google server, and students have access to Google Apps. “Student” means currently enrolled Central College students, both full and part time.  “Faculty and staff” means regular, permanent employees, both full and part time.  In student computer labs, faculty and staff members should yield to students at congested times.
  2. Faculty and staff may designate one family member (spouse or child) to receive a complimentary username for e-mail and Internet access. The designated person must be at least a senior in high school. The designated person is not permitted to use student microcomputer labs and is not issued server disk storage.
  3. Other than the exception listed in 2 above, children of students, faculty, and staff are not permitted an email username and may not use student computer labs.
  4. Students of other colleges and universities temporarily residing in the Pella area may request a network (but not e-mail) username valid for up to three months, assuming they are already proficient Internet users. These requests must be sponsored by a Central College employee and will be honored as ITS staff time permits. In student computer labs, such users should yield to Central students at congested times.
  5. E-mail usernames will be issued upon request to officially recognized Central College student clubs and organizations. Clubs and organizations must renew their account request each year with endorsement from their group advisor. Up to four officers of the group will be granted send and receive privileges. E-mail messages sent from the group e-mail address must be signed in the body of the message with the author’s name.
  6. “Courtesy” e-mail usernames will be issued upon request to retired Central College employees, and to local RCA churches. “Retired” means former Central College faculty and staff members who retire from employment after at least 15 years of service to Central or who are granted emeritus status upon their retirement. Courtesy usernames may also be issued to other special friends of the college at the request of the Academic Affairs office or President’s office, and may be issued to volunteer coaches with the approval of the Athletic Director for the purpose of providing a Central College e-mail address for business use. Those holding courtesy usernames are not permitted to use student microcomputer labs and are not issued server disk storage.
  7. Central College alumni are permitted to occasionally use student microcomputer labs on a per request basis, and must yield to students, faculty and staff.

This policy is subject to change from time to time. For example, the current provisions for courtesy, complimentary and organizational usernames do not imply a guarantee by Central College that these services and levels of access will continue in perpetuity.

Version history

  • March 2006: Recommended to the President’s Advisory Council for adoption by the Technology Committee
  • June 2013: minor edits 
  • May 2015: minor edits