The college discourages “solicitation” of employees on college property during “working time.” “Solicitation” is defined as: 1) selling or promoting products, goods, or services; 2) use of staff and faculty listing for the purpose of solicitation; 3) seeking contributions or pledges, including the distribution of printed materials; and 4) conducting membership drives. These activities are inappropriate whether in person, or through mailings, phone contact, or the use of other technology such as e-mail or the internet. “Working time” is defined as time when an employee’s duties require that he or she be engaged in work duties and responsibilities. 

Solicitation and/or distribution of material on college property by persons not employed by or enrolled at the college is prohibited at all times. 

On occasion the college may invite a vendor or sales representative to campus to provide employees the benefit of special pricing. Fundraising or sales activities specifically related to college purposes and sponsored by the college are considered authorized functions and are not precluded by this policy. In addition, this policy does not preclude use of the “Campus Trader” e-mail distribution list.