Sick/Medical Leave

It is the policy of Central College to provide compensation for eligible exempt and non-exempt employees for absences from work due to sick/medical leave in accordance with the guidelines established below.

1.  Eligibility 

All employees at .50 FTE or more per year are eligible for paid sick/medical leave. Employees who work less than .50 FTE, temporary employees, and faculty are not eligible for paid sick/medical leave. 

2.  Availability

Eligible employees will have 80 hours of sick/medical leave for use at the beginning of each fiscal year*.  For employees who are less than full time but eligible for sick/medical leave, the hours will be prorated according to their budgeted hours or percentage of full-time equivalent. New employees will receive until the end of their first fiscal year of employment a prorated number of hours of sick/medical leave. Unused hours are not carried over in addition to the full annual allocation.

*Fiscal year is defined as July 1 – June 30 for exempt employees. Fiscal year is determined by the way the pay periods fall within the July 1 – June 30 time frame for non-exempt employees.

3.  General guidelines

Sick/medical leave is to be used for the following:

  1. Personal illness
  2. Unpaid time for work related injury
  3. Illness of an immediate family member
  4. Maternity leave
  5. Extended bereavement leave with approval of the appropriate Vice President in collaboration with the Director of Human Resources.

Sick/medical leave may not be used for:

  1. Personal business
  2. Vacation
  • For Family and Medical Leave and/or Short Term Disability qualifying events, please refer to the Family and Medical Leave Policy or the Short Term Disability Policy, or contact the Office of Human Resources to confirm program compliance.
  • In the event of sick/medical leave, the employee must contact their supervisor as soon as possible (but no later than one hour after their scheduled starting time unless not practicable, and then as soon as practicable under the circumstances). 
  • After three days, a sick/medical leave may require a physician’s statement certifying the necessity for the absence.
  • Pregnancy/Childbirth: See Family Medical Leave and/or Short Term Disability Policy.
  • Contact the Office of Human Resources for requirements and procedures for short and long term disability policies.
  • Sick/medical leave compensation will not be paid for absences covered by workers’ compensation.
  • Once the employee has used their allotted number of sick/medical leave hours for the applicable time period, they are required to use vacation leave for any other absence.
  • Sick/medical hours are paid at regular rate and are not considered hours worked for purposes of calculating overtime. 
  • Allotted sick/medical leave is not paid upon ending employment from the college.