Recording Work Time

  • Non-exempt Employees: A four-week pay schedule is used at Central for non-exempt employees. The workweek begins Sunday 00:01 a.m. and ends Saturday 12:00 a.m. (midnight). Each non-exempt employee is responsible for accurate clocking of his/her time record. The lunch period may not be included as hours worked provided the employee is free of all work activity during the lunch period. However, break periods are counted as time worked. All paid time off should be reported accurately. Completing another employee’s time record, falsification of time worked, or working “off the clock” is a violation of college policy and is grounds for immediate termination. All time records must be approved by the supervisor or department head and submitted to the payroll office by the designated deadlines. Paychecks are issued the Friday of the following week.
  • Exempt Employees: Exempt employees are not required to record hours worked, but, except for faculty, are required to record vacation/sick hours, and other days off taken during a calendar month. Electronic tracking is available through the Human Resources website.