Reporting Work Time


This policy documents the expectations around how employees are required to report worked time and how overtime and other FLSA regulations are managed.


Non-exempt: classification of employees that are paid hourly and are eligible for overtime compensation if the total hours worked in a week are over 40.  The work week is defined as Sunday – Saturday.  Also referred to as hourly.

Exempt: classification of employees that are paid a set level of compensation and are not eligible for overtime pay regardless of hours worked.  Also referred to as salaried.

Pay schedule: set a schedule when payroll processes are run to compensate employees for time worked.  Varied by employee status of exempt, non-exempt, and student positions.  The schedule is posted annually.


Non-exempt employee: required to report hours worked for proper compensation to be calculated and paid out.

Exempt employee: not required to report hours worked, but expected to work the time required to complete the expectations of their role. Time away from work for vacation and/or sick time should be requested and reported.

Supervisors: monitor, review, and approve hours reported by employees and track time away from work for vacation, sick, or other leave to ensure proper information is reported for payment through payroll.

Policy Details

To ensure prompt and accurate payment, employees should report their time as indicated below based on the status of their role.

1. Non-exempt employees

    1. A four-week pay schedule is used at Central for non-exempt employees.
    2. The workweek begins Sunday at 12:00 am (midnight) and ends Saturday at 11:59 pm.
    3. Each non-exempt employee is responsible for accurate clocking of their time record. Time worked should be entered/clocked on the day it is worked, but no later than the work week in which the hours are worked.
      1. Employees are expected to work their full shift.  This means arriving prior to their start time and being ready to work as the shift begins through the end of the shift.
    4. Employees must approve their submission of hours which indicates they are verifying the accuracy of the hours they are reporting for pay by the designated deadlines each week.
      1. Non-exempt employees must submit their time by Sunday at 4:30 pm at the end of a pay period to be paid the following Friday.
    5. The lunch period may not be included as hours worked provided the employee is free of all work activity during the lunch period.
    6. All paid time off should be reported accurately (vacation and sick leave).
    7. Completing another employee’s time record, falsification of time worked, or working “off the clock” is a violation of college policy and is grounds for immediate termination.
    8. All time records must be approved by the supervisor or department head and submitted to the payroll office by the designated deadlines.
    9. Non-exempt employees are paid every 4 weeks.

3. Exempt employees

    1. Exempt employees are not required to record hours worked, but are required to record vacation/sick hours and other days off taken during a calendar month (except for faculty).
    2. Electronic tracking of time off is available through SharePoint.
    3. Exempt employees are paid on the last working day of the month.

Last Revision Date: 4/12/2024

Policy Owner: Talent, Equity and Engagement Office