VII. Policies Applicable To Prospective Students

VII.  Policies Applicable to Prospective Students

A.     Prospective Students

  1. Prospective Students visiting campus for preview days/campus visits will be subject to Central College’s behavioral expectations for Enrolled Students, as well as any applicable guest, visitation and/or overnight guest
  1. Prospective students who are staying overnight in the residence halls must complete a Central Overnight Visit Agreement Form and will be provided contact information for campus security or residence hall
  1. Central College does not stand in loco parentis to its Prospective Nothing in this Policy should be interpreted as Central College assuming a duty to protect a Prospective Student when no such duty otherwise exists.

B.     Enrolled Student Hosts

  1. An Enrolled Student acting as a “host” to a Prospective Student who visits the College overnight must (a) review this Policy, along with others listed on the Requirements for Student Hosts Form; (b) sign a Student Host Agreement Form;

(c) meet with a Central College staff member who oversees programs for prospective students (or designee) to review expectations for the role of a Student Host, provide a copy of the Student Host Agreement Form, and address questions; and (d) sign the Requirements for Student Hosts Form.

  1. In addition, Enrolled Student “hosts” shall continue to follow all applicable student conduct policies and behavioral expectations outlined in the student handbook ( when hosting Prospective

C.  Central College employees are expected to comply with the reporting obligations in Section III of this Policy, even if the Minor is a Prospective Student.