Promotions And Lateral Transfers

Lateral Transfers: At the college’s discretion, it may require or permit employees to make temporary or permanent transfers in order to accommodate business needs or an employee’s own personal needs, or when the transfer is deemed to be the best allocation of available personnel for the college. The college reserves the right to deny any transfer that does not fit the business needs of the college or departments involved.  

 Promotion: Promotion means reassignment to a position of higher skill requirements and responsibility. Employees may request to be considered for a promotional opportunity, or the college, at its discretion, may promote a current employee when that employee is the best qualified candidate for an opening and the promotion is deemed to be the best allocation of available human resources for the college. However, to be promoted, there must be a position available within the organization. In addition, an employee will only be eligible for promotion if he/she has been in their current position for a minimum of six (6) months, have a satisfactory performance record and have not been issued any corrective action in the previous six-month period.