Performance Appraisals

In order to ensure all employees receive regular feedback on their performance, supervisors should evaluate the job performance of every employee who works for them on a regular basis. Supervisors should conduct regular, annual performance appraisals with all employees in accordance with the schedule of each division. Supervisors may review performance more often than is required by this policy. 

Supervisors should use a coaching approach to help an employee grow in his/her position. Part of this process involves regular appraisals to evaluate performance. The purpose of this evaluation is to guide employees’ progress in their current position, to discuss ways in which their performance can be improved, and when appropriate, explore their potential for advancement. These formal performance appraisals are in addition to the informal meetings supervisors should have with employees throughout the appraisal period.

 Goals, objectives, and development plans should be reviewed with the employee at the beginning of the appraisal period to ensure that he/she understands and agrees with all performance criteria. All new employees should be given goals and objectives within 90 days of beginning employment with the college. The employee’s performance should be reviewed periodically with feedback and direction regarding all performance criteria.  

 When the Performance Appraisal Form has been reviewed with the employee, the employee and the employee’s supervisor need to sign it. An employee’s signature on his/her performance appraisal only acknowledges that it has been reviewed with the employee. Employees should be encouraged to attach any written comments they wish to their performance reviews. The Performance Appraisal Form, with any employee comments, will become a part of the employee’s personnel file. The completed form should be forwarded to the appropriate vice president who will share a copy with the Office of Human Resources. One copy will be provided to the employee as well.