Payroll Procedures

This identifies the policies and procedures that relate to all college employees.  

Pay Schedule: All exempt employees hired after July 1, 2005, will receive their paychecks via direct deposit on the last business banking day of each month. All non-exempt employees will receive their paychecks via direct deposit on Friday or nearest business banking day, every four weeks.

Additional Pay: Any additional pay received by an employee will be added to the employee’s regular pay and taxed accordingly. W-4’s may be adjusted, if desired, to offset any tax implications that may result from such payments.

Deduction from Salaries/Wages: Social Security (FICA), state and federal taxes, elected insurances, and other approved withholdings will be deducted regularly from paychecks. Central College requires payment in full of all employee account balances by June 30 for charges of the past fiscal year. Employees have the option having any charges made be deducted automatically from their paycheck on a monthly basis.  The other option is to make special payment arrangements and be limited to a monthly maximum of $50 charged to their Central employee account.    

Payroll Disruption: If the college experiences computer failure or if a natural disaster occurs (flood, fire, sabotage, etc.) which could cause disruption of its paycheck distribution schedules, the college will use its “best efforts” to distribute paychecks within 48 hours of the affected payday.

Terminated Employees:  An employee who terminates employment with the college will receive all earnings due that employee on the following normal payday. The final paycheck will be mailed, if so requested in writing by the employee. If the terminating employee has unpaid obligations (i.e., owes the college money for parking fees, etc. or fails to return prior issued college property), arrangements will be made between the college and the terminating employee to resolve the obligations.  .