On-Call And Call-in Pay

Specific roles do require on-call work for both exempt and non-exempt employees. When an employee is on-call, they are free to go about their regular activities as long as they are able to respond to a call and report to campus in a timely fashion. Acceptable response times will be determined departmentally and those with on-call responsibilities will understand the expectations of their assigned role.


Employees who are in exempt status will not receive additional compensation for any on-call work that is required. This on-call responsibility is built into their salary as it is an expectation of the role.


When a non-exempt employee is required to respond to a call or text for work purposes during unscheduled hours of work, that employee is considered to be on-call. The employee will be paid one (1) hour per shift at the overtime pay rate for on-call duty. If the employee returns to campus during off duty hours, they will be paid a minimum of two and a half (2.5) hours at the overtime rate. Any hours worked over the minimums described will be paid at the regular rate. This policy includes situations related to inclement weather.

Note: Travel time to/from campus is not considered time worked. For example, if you are called back to campus, the 2.5-hour minimum begins when you reach campus. Paid time ends when you finish the job and/or leave campus.