Long-Term Disability Insurance

The college provides long-term disability (LTD) insurance to employees with .50 FTE or more. An employee becomes eligible for long-term disability coverage after satisfying an elimination period of 90 consecutive days of total disability. Certification by a physician that the employee is unable to perform his or her position with the college is required. The long-term benefit is a 60% of the monthly basic salary up to $10,000. This coverage is paid for by the college and the benefit is paid tax-free when received by the employee and considered part of the total compensation package.

During the initial three (3) month period of long-term disability, employees retain their employee status with existing benefits remaining in force, specifically, group medical and/or group dental, vision, flex benefits, life insurance, and retirement plan. Since LTD payments come directly from the insurance company, the employee will be responsible for reimbursing the college for any benefit deductions normally taken from their payroll checks.

When LTD extends beyond three months, continued employment will be evaluated.   If the employee’s physician makes the determination (based on current prognosis) that returning to work is not a possibility, employment will be administratively terminated.  At this point, the employee will be offered healthcare continuation coverage (COBRA) and other conversion rights. The Human Resources Department will provide the necessary details and documentation. The terminated employment status has no effect on Long-Term Disability benefits.