Job Classification Administration

The college’s job classification program provides a systematic and equitable method of evaluating all jobs. All jobs within the organization must be evaluated and appropriately scaled. All new positions must be evaluated and approved by the president before the job can be posted. Area vice presidents will initiate the conversation with the president.

 When the duties and responsibilities of a job change significantly, the employee’s supervisor should request a review of the position by submitting to the human resources administrator and area vice president a completed “Position Description Review Form” and updated job description. The human resources administrator, in consultation with the area vice president, will review the position to determine whether or not the change in duties and responsibilities cause a change in pay scale or position. Significant changes in duties and responsibilities of a position, which would result in an upgrading of a position and a resultant commitment of additional college funds, may not be implemented until there is approval by the president upon recommendation by the area vice president.