Employment Records

The college is required to keep accurate, up-to-date employment records on all employees to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, to keep benefits information up-to-date, and to make certain that important mailings reach all employees. The information in employment records is confidential.  

Employees must inform the Office of Human Resources (and the Office of Academic Affairs in the case of those who teach) of any updates to their personnel file such as change of address, phone number, marital status, number of dependents, emergency contact or military status. Employees should also inform their supervisor and the Office of Human Resources or Academic Affairs of any outside training, professional certifications, education, or any other change in status. In addition to a general personnel file, the college maintains a separate medical file for each employee. Access to an employee’s medical file is extremely limited and based on a need-to-know-only basis.  

All current employees will be permitted to review their personnel files at reasonable times with reasonable notice, during regular business hours and within seven business days of the request. To schedule an appointment to review your file, staff should contact the Office of Human Resources and faculty should contact the Office of Academic Affairs.